Update history

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Base map image has been re-generated - Dried Lake is remaked - Sand Caverns area update to official map image from aerial snap - Some rocks and cliff walls are now drawn in high definition. Waters - "ReedPondSouth" at south-east area of Whistling columns - Some water name is fix to correct. - water areas of "TitansPass" has been marged to "TitansPassLake". - fixed lake of "WhiteCllifs" to "WhiteCliffsLake". Map icons - Renamed "Minerals" category to "Earthworks" - Renamed "Delivery" category to "Others" - Changed RedGinger "Red colored 🌾" to "🌹" - Changed Canna flower "🌹" to "180deg rotated πŸ‚" - Changed Delivery Point "Orenge background ✴️" to "πŸ’Œ" - Added Reeds "🌾" to plantness - Added Mud "brown colored πŸͺ" to earthworks - Added NestMounds "πŸͺΉ" to others ## Others - Ponds of "HotSprings" are now can't access by /waterquality command (renamed? idk), but I keep to display these numbers for when it's fixed to be able to change by cmd.


- Added some caves of Gondwa - Cavemap CSS update (room become to be filled, no longer circle)


- Bugfix that no oan can add items on Panjura.


- Added Achillobator to MyDino selector


- Bugfix: MyDino free word search was not correct match to Dino's Sex


- Added 2 species to MyDino selector Eurhinosaurus Hatzegopteryx - Sorry to late added these species!!


- Added some caves of Gondwa


- Added some caves of Gondwa


- Update for for Patch 26458 - Gondwa map has been remaked


- tentative update for Patch 26458 - Add the PoI area "Birchwoods" - PoI area around of "Birchwoods" has reshaped


- Map image patch of Gondwa reworked area - Triad Falls (NW: terraim changed, new Home Cave)(SW: new 2 puddles) - Youg Grove (S: terraim changed, pond is moved, new river) - Wildernes Peak (N: new pond) - Sharptooth Marsh (center island shape is changed, new pond) - Burned forest (texture changed, new puddle) - Hoodoo (new pond) - Stego Mt. (new 2 pond) - Dried Lake (mountains reworked, new pond) - Whistling Cols. (mountains reworked)


- "Outdated" paramater was removed. - It was my missread. - Items in Reworked area (red colored POI area) are not guaranteed to be same location. γ€€Please do not take it for granted and use it as a reference. γ€€Also, if you confirm that it's not in there, or is in a new location, please cooperate with correcting the information.


- Additional update - Outdated items' background is colored half opacity red - Now require "Display Outdated Items" option for display outdated by "Show ALL Icons" mode * Single display options don't block outdated one.


- Update for now (for Patch 25374) - Foods & Items icon that posted before this update will display 80% grayscaled. * If re-save it, it will backed normal color. * - Map icon is re-categorised to more simply. - Added Frog to Animal (aquatic) category. - Reworked area of Gondwa is changed that color to red (un-confirmed). * After confirm and update there, it will back to yellow. - bugfix.


- Gondwa map data update - Added 9 caves - Fixed shape of POI area: Titan's Pass (enlarged), Green Hills (ensmalled), Sand Caverns (adjusted) - Fixed some bug.


- Panjura map data update - Added Homecave & WayStone icon - Added POI area "Riverland"


- Expansion support for input methods of MyDino's pos value - Now can set in any of the following ways: - Fill in directly with Number (= 1/1000 of in game coord) - Focus to X or Y form, and push [↑]/[↓] key or rotate mouse-wheel to increase/decrease by 1. - Click [move] button and then click on map to move to there. - Paste /mapbug string to X or Y form (both are updated no matter you paste to which one) - Now can input minus sign from keyboard. - On mobile, keyboard type of when focus to it changes from numeric to normal.


- New PoI area of Gondwa: Sand Caverns - Changed the area display from PTB to Current. - Updated basemap image by mix the snap by spectator mode. - "Food & Items" options became to keep that setting. - CSS modify: MyDinos's spec selector - bugfix: grid value is not display correctly. - bugfix: Hint of My Dino/free word search is not display at correct position. - bugfix: map is able to scroll too over to right, and bottom.


- Add Cave data to Gondwa. - CSS modify: AreaName, Sidebar:MapConfig, etc.


- Added a config "Emphasizer by Flashing" - Foods & Items icons are no longer flash without "Emphasizer by Flashing" option. - CSS of Map Config tab has changed a little.


- Added a config "Emphasizer by Flashing" - Foods & Items icons are no longer flash without "Emphasizer by Flashing" option. - CSS of Map Config tab has changed a little.


- fixed a bug that icon is not displayed when edit any item without enable the option of "the item what you wanna edit" or "Show All Icons"


- Changed MyDino's info baroon place from right-bottom of map-area to bottom of the icon. - Changed to keep un-translucent MyDino's infos while edit it. - Fixed a bug that MyDino species selector is not closed when cancel to edit before select it.


- Added Gondwa's POI that added on PTB branch (Sand Caverns, and a puddle that most top of mountain that north side of Dried Lake) - Added background image to Config button of Area data (for more understandable) - Adjusted POI area color - Adjusted palce of Area names


- Changed map text and icons from SVG/foreignObject to simply DIV. - Resolves an issue with icons not appearing on mobile devices. - Resolves an issue that prevented zooming on mobile devices. - Changed My Dinos's species select list that current species is displayed sky-blue color.


- Fixed a bug MyDino's info is not displayed unless enable "Show All icons". - Fixed a bug that some part of Panjura's area data is not displayed.


- (for mobile) Fixed a bug that item icons are not displayed. [note] Since there is a bug that the position of the icon is shifted, the map scale is fixed to the x1 when if accessing from a mobile. I don't know if it's not possible to change the size with CSS variable references, or if it's a problem related to [SVG] or [foreignObject]. I'll take a closer look at it over the weekend, but if it required a radical change, I may not be able to fix it anytime soon...


- Fixed a problem that focue to other item after delete someone. - Modified food & item list's CSS. - Items has been into scrollbox. No longer need to scroll to push [add] button if you wanna add more.


- modified item icon's CSS. - it bacame to keep almost same size/place when zoom-in to more than "x2". - with this update, exist icons may be moved a little. If you notice to drift, please edit it to move to correct place. - minor modifies - bug fix


- update of My Dinos - Added Background Image of their species. - Changed Species (Spec.) form from free-input to thumbnail select. - Now can set Location (pos.) by both of coorinate input and map click. Position adjust became super-easy! - Fixed a bug that the arrangement of the edit button [β–²][β–Ό][Edit] of My Dinos was broken after editing icons such as food.


- add free word search to My Dinos


- Add new function: My Dinos - This function can memorise your dino's data to browser. - Dinos who is on current map will be display as dinosaur icon. - You can select show/hidden Dinos icon at Map Congfig tag as same as other icons. - When mouseover to dinos icon, her info will be displayed at right-bottom. * Server name can write as you like, and written names are listuped for filtering selector. * Map name is limited to suported maps due to others can't display. * These data is stored per browser, and can't be shared with other browsers (same as display settings)


- Reflected area data that remained ocean area, and change the color to yellow.


- Increased highlighted display size of Homecave and Waystone icons from 150% to 200%. - Changed so that sidebar doesn’t auto scroll when selecting a Quest Area/Homecave/Waystone from Area/Item List. - When edit forms of Food/Item opened, side-bar(icon list) is still auto-scrolled as that form is the top of side-bar as ever.


- Changed display style of Area data option button


- Reflected area data that a compleated to investigate, and change the color to yellow - Added water map. - Removed alternative water-drop icons that added by users. - Changed the placement of configs in the Map Config tab (drinkable water becmae above, and grid go to below) - fixed a bug that location marker (that you searched) jumps in weird places when zoom was changed


- Add new option "Page Scaling (for Mobile)" to bottom of Map Config tab. - These options are for app mode (fullscreen) premise. - To use with app mode, make bookmark to your home screen and accesse from it ! - Map Config > Map selector has been changed to radio button, for those who don't know how to change to Gondwa.


- bugfix: item modify was not reflected correctly.


- bugfix: Item icons remain on the map even after canceling that addition - bugfix: Some items can't add (edit form was not opened)


- Minor changes related to send/receive map data. - Reduced the amount of data refetched by update check. - ⚠️ Data files are modified, and now require latest(3.3.03) script. γ€€3.3.02 or older are outed of support. If cant load correctly, try to reload to use latest script. - Re-open the item deletion function. - Foods & Items are re-categorised (trial implementation) - Please review how about for usability. - bugfix: a bug that delete another one not what you tried to delete.


- Temporaly disabled Map Icon delete functuion due to a bug that delete another one not what you tried to delete.


- minor change of style sheets - Warning of "Show ALL items" option became more emphasize clearly. - icons config bacame alignmented. - category name of icons became Italic and centering.


Significantly modified the map data editing function. - Fixed a bug where when someone edited or deleted an item, the most recent edits made by other users could be deleted. - Added a function to reject if the script version of client side is old. (To prevent data corruption caused by sent from older one when there is a major change in the method of sending and receiving data like this time) - Latest data is no longer acquired when start to add a new item (temporary placement). - When try to save edited data (when press [Save] button), get the latest data, check it, and send only the difference of the element if there is no problem changed to (Significantly reduced upload capacity) - Now, an error is returned if the item you tried to edit was edited(moved/deleted) by other user since the last load (when accessing/reloading/switching maps/tried to save the last time) till this time of trying to save. - Now, an error is returned if the item you tried to add was already addedby other user since the last load till this time. Keep the displaying location at the last of previouse access. - When you came back to map, that point will be centeringed aoutmaticaly.


- added pearl to Gondowa. - minor script change.


- added food&item button to top of those list. (now can add from both of top/bottom of list) - added Homecave and Waystone icon, and flashing option such as foods&items. - minor script change.


- added area names. - added a items to Gondwa (lakeSponge) - update of Foods/Items edit function. (Changes to the visibility of items being edited) - bugfix of Foods/Items edit function. - and.... I forgot to write a memo what I update... XD


- minor update & bugfix of Foods/Items edit function.


- Added 9 items to Gondwa Spiny Conch, Sea Snail, Anemone, Starfish, Glow Starfish, Canna Flower, and Succulents - Changed emoji of Succulents and Rock due to the char of Emoji 13 or higher weren't displayed on Chrome


- Updated to new Gondwa !!


- added Water icon as provisional info until water map is created. - added TurtleShell to "Others" - bugfix:foods data for Gondwa was broken.


- Changed foods flashing function for Reduced CPU load. Now flashing both of item icon and that background. No longer only that background.


- css adjust


- bugfix: cant change the map to Gondwa correctly - bugfix: cant change resolution correctly - bugfix: force reset to Panjura(905px) when you reload - bugfix: cant dispaly correctry if config data version is older than


- Implemented Gondwa * The name of the place will be added in the future. * Food&Items are user-reported, similar to Panjura. - Rearrange map comfig - Changed food name from "Meat" to "DinoBody" - Changed the rect color of thumbnail that show displaying area to Yellow.


- URL has been changed to https://vulnona.com/game/pot/ - Display method of "Foods & Items" is changed to improve the performance - "Display all item" and "Emphasize" were compleatly splited. "Item display" and "Emphasize" were compleatly separeted. "Show ALL items" option displays all translucently. "Emphasize" option displays those, and flashing background of them, whether other options are ON or OFF. * You can use both in same time as before - Added high-load warning to "Display all item" - Added "Cave mode" When selected floor is not "Ground", other than cave objects are becoming darker. - Added "Attentions" and "How to Edit" to top of "Foods & Items" tree on "Area/Item List" tab. - Changed background color animation of the item what is editing.


- Added floor displaying HUD at left-top.


- Added a items to ItemList - AI_Burrow - Added floor display to left top of map area. - Fixed a bug that when the following items are selected in the map config, they are not emphasized correctly on the map or the display position is misaligned. - Pinecone - Red_Ginger - Melon


- Fixed area names of north-east quarter * All area has been checked!! - Added cave info and "Home Cave" icon to Thrtle Island - Changed to display un-official location name to "Area/Item List" (green colored) - Changed to Food&Item sub options will be hide when Foods&Items layer is not enabled. - Fixed a bug that the link of "Area/Item List" for multiple shape location was errored - Fixed a bug that cave info was not display correctly


- Fixed area names of north-west quarter - Area colors are minor changed - Added 1 items to ItemList - Lakeweed (category: Plantness) - Replaced the item list order. - Fixed the bug that is not keeped the config of "Un-official area names"


- Fixed area names of south-east quarter - Added Area edge line. - Red: past version's data (not confirm yet) - Blue: Official (confirmed) - Green: past officail name / nickname by users, - Remainings will confirm and fix by this friday.


- New function: Foods & Items emphasize - "Foods & Items" map icons have been turned darker to make it less noticeable. - Added checkboxes for each foods and items (Sidebar > Map Config) - When you check that, they will turn back to lighter, and starting background flashing to assert themself. [note] These checkboxes are not recorded. These will turn off every time you access the map. - Added 2 items to ItemList - Branch (not roots) - Replenish (replenish-fountain) [note] Some Branches have been registered as Roots. If notice that miss register, please delete and re-regist correct.


- Added Home Cave icon - Added 2 mushrooms to ItemList - Grow_mush (Growing mushroom) - Death_cap (Death Cap mushroom) * This change is based on a map user's report. γ€€I haven't found them yet, but added it for the time being. - Fixed some area names (WIP) At now, completed is the first period area only. Others area will investigate and correct sequentially when my hands is free.


- Updated Foods & Items - Added following items Melon Pine Cone Red Ginger Yarrow Russula mushrooms Armillaria mushrooms Salt Rocks - Added sub folder of "Foods & Items", and organized those. - Changed to add date of last modify info automaticaly when save it. * This info is only added what is updated after this modify. γ€€The data what was already exist dosen't have date info until it is updated. - Now can open edit form when click icon on map if "Area/Item List" is opened. [note] If you confirmed the item exist there, please save again as it to add last confirm date. If the item is not there, please delete it. Thanks for your cooperation in updating and maintaining the information.


- Implemented Foods&Items data layer. This layer is user edit type. Everyone can add, fix, or delete items of inner this category. [add] γ€€1, In advance, display the location where you wanna add. γ€€2, Open "Area List" of sidebar. γ€€3, select "Foods & Items" category and sub-category what you wanna add. γ€€4, Click "* Add new item". γ€€5, Click the location where you wanna add to. γ€€6, Click OK button of confirm. (displayed data is temporarily until you save it) γ€€7, That item is displayed on map, and edit form is opened on sidebar. γ€€8, Adjust location, and fill in comment if you think need. γ€€9, Push [Save]. [edit] γ€€1, Find item what you wanna edit from "Area List", and click it. γ€€2, Edit form is opened, and it's displayed on center of map. γ€€3, Adjust location, and fill in comment if you think need. γ€€4, Push [Save]. [delete] γ€€1, Find item what you wanna edit from "Area List", and click it. γ€€2, Edit form is opened, and it's displayed on center of map. γ€€3, Click delete this], and push OK of confirm. - Implemented Cave floor selector. You can change it by [Shift] key + (Mouse wheel). G γ€€This means Ground floor (outer of cave) γ€€- Cave entrance is displayed by triangle that is pointing down and colored by yellow/red. γ€€- Inner of cave is displayed by dot line. Bn γ€€This means "Bottom n Floor" γ€€- Triangle that is pointing up and colored by yellow/blue means Go to upper floor. γ€€- Triangle that is pointing down and colored by yellow/red means Go to lower floor. γ€€- Upper floors than current become almost transparent, γ€€- Current floor is displayed by solid line that is highlighted by shadows. γ€€- Lower floors than current are still displayed by harf transparent dot line. - Changed zoom scale. New: min Squared of 0.5 (=0.25) / max Squared of 3.0 (=9.0) Old: min 0.5 / max 3.0 / changed unit 0.25 - minor change/bugfix - A value of "Area names/Un-official" was not memoried. - "Little bone canyon" was categorized to Un-official. - Added prefix that means stat of open/close of tree of Area list. - Changed style sheet a little.


- hotfix


- Added almost of remaing quest target area, and user-named area. - Added shadow to road and water for readability. - Added Caves (at now, treat as a part of road). - Improved display style of place names.


- Implemented a large size background image. (it was created by my friend Mofuzoh) AWESOME! Other than grid lines might be unnecessary! XD - Added a option for Background image. - Modified map data (a little) - Bug fix


- Area List had been sorted and divide by initials. - Add map data.


- Added place names where in expansioned area. - Disabled "Foods" and "Quest items", due to those location had been replaced. * I plan to modify those to the map where user fill in those location. (This may not be done soon) - Added "area names (others)" options, but still disabled. * Landmarks what named by users are categoried to this. - Removed a option of "upper direction". - Removed "Playable area's border". - Resurrected spoiler warning to side menu "Map config" and "Area list". * This isn't displayed till next access if config is different from default, or if you has already consent to warning in this access. [Note] Detail data on new areas is being collected now.


- Fixed a bug of foods icons display. I had mistake in the calculation formula of the drawing area size for food icons. When the magnification was less than 1.0, drawing range was set smaller than the display range, and part of icons had been out from drawing.


- Added new layer: Foods(meats,fish,berry), Acorn, Lychee, and Tigernuts - Changed config placement - Changed to auto applying when change value of Grid span. - Changed zoom point from center of screen to the mouse cursor when zoom by mouse wheel. - No more appear alert of spoiler. At now, Background images, food, quest items... Spoilers options are too many...XD - Added map data


- Added map data


- Added background image and config of it. - Change to show all area of Panjura. (Playable area is arounded by Black bold line).


- Added map data


- Panjura map was expansion - Added map data


- Added map data


- Added map data


- Adjusted map data - Dicreased opacity of grid scale


Fixed cliff line - Fixed missed calcuration of angle. At now, side lines are drawn just right side, perfect. Fixed text of named area - Fixed a bug that text wasn't displaied as correct on Google Chrome. This bug is due to specification of GC display what font-size that is smaller than 9px as 10px. - Increased text size of location name for readabillity even when zoom is "1.0". Also, added harf opacity white text-shadow. Modified Grid scale - Changed to dark red/blue background and white text because visibility was bad when it's above of drawn parts of map. Also decreesed font size to less than location name. - Removed coordinate system char (X or Y) from scale string on double-grid-line. It's now always displayed at left-top corner. And more, chars of coord system of vertical direction were rotate left 90deg. It's clean, tidy. Hide scroll-bar of map area - No longer at there due to drag detection wrong occurred and behaved wrong when try to scroll by dragging scroll-bar. Others - Make this update history. - Addeded readme text. - Adjusted trivial of style sheet. - Speedup drawing function.


Miner change