Update History

- CSS update: map text size adjust when zooming is improved. (especially, chromium engine browser)
- Bug fix: Location icon display filter is not correct.
- add new function: Keep location history (at Location Config tab)
  Now you can memory and carryover your location history to next access.
- hotfix
- Steam built-in web browser is now limited supported.
[NOTE] about the Web browser on Steam Client
- It seems to be not support XMLHttpRequest (Ajax). So network contents (location share, posted images, user account,...) are not availed.
If you want to use network content, please access it from a normal browser.
* In the near future, if possible, I'll change to hide these unusable content.
- Supported the format of Location coordinate: x,xx,xxx.xxx
- hotfix
- hotfix
- hotfix: a bug of parsing Location coordinate.
- supported the format of Location coordinate: xxx'xxx.xxx
- Added Radish spawn area at about from (-200,-500) to (-300,-650).
- added Isla Spiro #5
  - Almost data is diverted from Spiro #4-2. Update of adjusting will be coming later.
  - Since the coordinate deflection is a little severe, I wanna resynthesize, but IDK I can make time for this...
- Current maps and Past maps separated the page.
  - you can access to past maps page from bottom of map selector.
- added mud pool to Spiro#5 (-110,-100)
- added salt rock to Spiro#5 (-300,-155) and other 6 locations
- added AnimalAI's spawn data
- added again following mad puddles
- Removed following mad puddles
- hoxfix
- Added a Mud pool of Spire#4-2
- hoxfix
- Added Potetos of Spire#4-2
- Adjusted Foods icons not to overlap each other
Update Spiro#4-2
 - Added Road and cave
 - Added Hearbis Foods (except Potato: I’m thinking about how to display...)
 - Added Delta Island's cave to water map
 - Added some location names.

- Fixed a bug that notice is not change. (displayed 1 of 2 forever)

- Corrected to a more appropriate sentence.
- Added Isla Spiro #4-2 for Evrima
- Added anouncement zone
- Fixed old links in the message notifying that you need a user ID
- Fixed old links in the message notifying that you need a user ID
- fixed the bug that Location share member's icon was displayed uncorrect place
- Fixed a bug of Photo upload form.
 You became to be able to upload photo again now.
- Fixed a bug that map thumb is not changed when turn back to loaded map.
Add foods layer
- only enable at Spiro#4
- foods datas is based on Moby_Duck#1389's map.

Changed page style
- Map selector and Location form are fixed on header
- Remade the sidebar for smooth tab switching
- Temporaly closed Color filter. This will back when the bug is fixed.
- Map loading icon has changed to high quoryty.
Add a link that AI animals spawn map of Isla Spiro#4 made by Moby_Duck#1389
Adjusted/Added some part of Location data.
Pre Update for Evrima #4
Minimam version had releaced.
Fixed parse function of asset location.
- No longer display wrong place when Lat is less than 1,000.000
Fixed css miss cording of Gridline value.
Fixed location name misstake.
Added color sample to map layer options.
Image upload form has became availed!
* I change directory name, some user may be displayed #2 map for #3.
 If occerd it, please try to super reload [Shift]+[F5] (Edge is [Ctrl]+[F5])
Update for Evrima #3
- Remaked for patch #3 map. It's not a tricky fix like the QA version
- Changed text color of Admin Tereporting point name.
- Temporary closed image upload form for split posted images to pasted version and current version.
Yesterday I finally got enough free time and finished to update for QA,
and I never thought Evrima #3 patch will come next day at that time... XD
Support QA branch map !!
- Added Isla Spiro (Quality Assurance branch ver).
 * Difference of QA-Spiro and Evrima-Spiro is followings.
   - Location info
   - Landmark layer
   - Water layer
   - Base map (QA-Spiro is displayed by adding patch image on Evrima-Spiro)
 * All of others are common with both.

- Fixed the bug that location coord that is written at location marker's float text is inverted on Spiro.
Fixed critical bug of register user ID
- This was occueing between update of 2021/04/13 and this.
- If created user ID while this occur, userdata was written as broken string, and became to not be able to perform any operations related to user ID.
- Already added recover function for who is broken user data. When access again, your data will be fixed.
 Sorry inconvenience.
- Fixed right colmun is not open if user dosen't have User ID
- Fixed close right colmun ("Close Image list ▶") is not work if user dosen't have User ID
Impolved upload form
- When not have userID, upload form will be replaced to announcement for register user ID.
- Fixed a bug that coordinate calculation of [Drop new pin] is strange when zoom scale is other than 1.0
- Fixed enbug of yesterday. Sorry.
- Hotfix: Corresponded to specifications where there are several types of minus signs.
- Modified to return error when search coord that is outside of the map.
 Location markers are no longer dropped to outside.
- Hotfix
- Added Code option of Road layer (I had forgot)
- Added Spiro's landmark icons
- Added Spiro's human structures icons
- Implemented a function of location searching triggered by hashchange.
 When changed the hash of URL (detail is written at following), that location will be displayed.
 * That's enough to only paste it to URL bar even if you are told from your friends VulnonaMAP URL that added location cord.
  The map will show that location without page reload.
[example] vulnona.com/game/the_isle/#map/v3/-495,200
[format] #map/mapID/location
[mapID list]
   spiro ....... Isle Spiro
   v3 .......... Isle V3
   thenyaw ... Thenyaw Island
   r2 ........... Isle Region 2
   frozen ..... Frozen North

- Changed the link of update note from "goto update history page" to "open Update note of readme".
- Support location coordinate format of Evrima
- Hotfix
  - Fixed a bug that legacy maps will be displayed as white filled due to data structure modifications.
  - Fixed a bug that zoom rate had not restored correctaly.
- Spiro map update.
  - Implemented Aerial photo mode.
  - Removed SVG mode due to no longer needed.
- Removed some display options because SVG is not used now.
- Changed zoom rate to squared of 0.5 ~ 2 for averaging the scaling interval.
  - Added zoom rate display to bottom of zoom range-bar.
- Changed map text color
  - Light-green assignment is changed to Road name.
  - Light-red has added for Mountains/Landscapes name.
  - Day-dream has added for Oceanic locations name.
  - River Blue has become a little lighter.
- Corrected the coordinate calculation formula of Grid-scale to not leave from grid lines too far when enlarged.
- Adjusted Spilo's Holo Wall (edge of playable area).
- Changed the specifications of Location-data-share.
  I had changed timestamp of location data for sharing is unified to UTC.
  And, update time of group member list (on sidebar) is displayed by calclated to each own browser's timezone.
  In the past, it used timestamps in each timezone.
  So when sharing with who in other timezones, updated times of other members are not displayed correctly, or it was deleted because judged to be too old.

* Example of from now
  User_A: set at JST (+0900)
    When he update at 2020/11/15 22:00 on JST, timestamp of sent data is 2020/11/15 13:00 UTC.

  User_B: set at CET (+0100)
    When he update at 2020/11/15 14:05 on CET, timestamp of sent data is 2020/11/15 13:05 UTC.
    And on his browser will display group member list as following (update time is calced to CET)
Name    Location  up
User_A  100,100   14:00
User_B  -50,-200  14:05
- (probably) Fixed failed to load spiro map data sometime.
- Updated "Location data share"
  - For improving visibility, chenged icon of group member () and becamed to be blinking.
  - Member location coord had became link anchor for move the map to them location.
  - Adjusted member list style.
- Implemented new function: "Location data share"
 * This is option for display each other's location with who use same GroupID.
 * Group data will be updated when check current location while GroupID is filled.
 * It's recommended to use complex strings for ID and do not forget to push [Leave] before quit the game to prevent sharing with unintended user.
 * Who haven't been updated for more than 30mins will be automatically excluded.
 * Please do not forget to push [Leave] before quit the game.
- Fixed a siriously bug of user registration function.
- Added a small puddle that is at near the beach of westedge.
- Added a river that connecting to Round swamp
- Changed name of "Instant update" to "Quick Search" due to some little reasons. Sorry for confuse you.
- "Quick Search" option become to enable on other than Chrome and Opera.
 However, Auto searching when window focus is return to the map is not work those browser.
 So this options is only serve 2 little support. You must do 2 steps to display current location.
  (1) When window focus is returned to the map, auto focus to Location form.
  (2) When paste to Location form, auto search by using that string.
- Implemented a option: "Instant update".
 Copied location coords will be displayed immediately when window focus is back or paste to "Location" form.
 By using this, you will be able to degrease map chackeing time to less than 1sec.
- Some options were changed the order.
- [Isla Spiro] Fixed a bug that Lat/Long are displayed in reverse when searching the current location.
- Implemented a option: "Latitude coord" for support to localized that plus/minus of Lat are displayed as inverted.
- Fix a bug that nothing is drawn and the operation is not possible if neither the old nor the new setting is stored in the browser.
- Fixed issue that When access to new version first time, spiro map will I displayed as nothing.
- Changed to enable right-click to use context-menu at outer of map displaying area.
  - I didn't think about who use context to paste, sorry.
Legacy map and Spiro limited map has been integrated!
Both of older remains for the time being as a transition period


- The base design has changed to based Spiro map.
  - To keep readability, sidebar appearing has backed to push map area from left like as super legacy style.
- Map selector has changed to a dedicated layer.
  - New selector has others infomation than map name: last modified, supported game ver, and backgound of it.
- The place of Map selector and coordinate search is changed.
  - When sidebar is closed, displayed bottom of header same as legacy style.
  - Or when it's opened, displayed at top of sidebar, with thumbnail.
- A thumbnail of the map is added near Map selector.
  - The area of displayed now will be indicated there by a red frame. (Imported from PoT map)
  - You can see this only when open the sidebar.
- Azimuth notation is summarized in the upper left corner.
  - "NSEW" char are no longer at each edge of map area.
- Values ​​of Lat and Long are added to above and to left edge of map area. (Imported from PoT map)
  - These are moving linked with dragging, but not leave from those edge.
- - The scrolling process has been changed to speedy and became to not be able to scroll to outer than the map edge.
- The map layer options are added. (These are avaibal on Spiro map only at now)
- Added data of coordinates of each location to Spiro.
- Map text font correction to became easier to read even if the map scale is reduced.
- The option of freely set the grid line spacing that was on Spiro map has deleted.
  - However, it may be revived if requested.

- ベースデザインは、Spiroマップです。
  - 可読性を保持するため、サイドバーを左から迫り出す(初期版のような)形に変更しました。
- マップセレクタを専用レイヤーに変更しました。
  - 新バージョンは、地図名以外の情報も表示されます➔最終更新日、対応ゲームバージョン、地図バナー
- マップセレクタと現在地検索の場所を変更しました。
  - サイドバーを閉じている時は、従来通りヘッダー下部に、開いている時はサイドバーの一番上に表示されます。
- マップセレクタの近くにサムネ表示を追加しました。
  - 表示中の領域が赤枠で示されます (PoTマップの機能を移植)
  - サイドバーを閉じている場合は表示されません。
- 方位表示と座標軸を左上に集約しました。
  - 地図領域の上下左右にあったNSEWの表示は削除。
- 経緯線の値が地図領域の上と左に表示されるようになります。 (PoTマップから移植)
  - ドラッグに追従しますが、両辺から離れることはありません。
- スクロール処理を軽量化し、マップの端より先にはスクロールできなくしました。
- マップレイヤーの表示オプションを追加しました(現在Spiroマップでのみ有効)
- Spiroマップの各所の座標値を追記しました.
- 地図を縮小しても可読性を失わないよう、フォントを修正しました。
- Spiroマップにあった経緯線の間隔を自由に設定できるオプションを廃止しました。
  - リクエストが多ければ復活するかも?

[suspending / 保留中]
Because of heavy cost (time and labor), the background of Isla spiro is remaining pure white for a while.
For those who do not need coordinate inquiry, I recommend using the map created by Skudde.
2020/06/22 ~ 2020/07/06
Updated map data of Isla Spiro
Publiced Isla Spiro map (provisional version)
- That data is still full of holes. I haven't investigated dash lined objects in detail. I'll update it from time to time.
- Until compleated to survey, I'll serve on different page from exist maps. (Eventually, I'll integrate).
- IE is not supported. Please use Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, etc.
- Source code of this is copied from "VulnonaMap for Path of Titans", and modificated by short-term thinking.
Fixed a bug of account registration.
This map had backed to home server.
Thank you for your patronage.
Currently more people are accessing it than expected and it has reached the upper limit of the amount of transfer per day easily.
Therefore I changed up the contract plan. And for keeping it as fewer as possible, I had cuted off images temporaly.
 - Ground map layer is now changed from PNG to JPG.
 - Temporaly deleted Shadow (Emphasize terrain) layer.
 - Temporaly deleted the functions about user images: now can't post images, and can't display image pins.
If more than 50,000 user accessed this site per day, you might view 503 error due to the limit of amount of transfer per day.
Since the beginning of this week, my home http server had got DDoS attacks and had became very difficultly to access.
Although DDoS seems to be still keeping, I haven't comprte to address yet.
However, I have confirmed that this site isn't subject to DDoS, so I rented an external rental server and published with limited functions.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
- Fixed a serious bug of User account system.
  * There was a modification omission of server-side program.
   Since the update of 9/29, couldn't post images or edit user data exclud very few users.
- ユーザーIDに関する重大な不具合を修正しました
  * 9/29の更新の際に、サーバー側のプログラムの更新漏れがあり、
- Little Modify.
- Added new MAP "Isle Region2".
- Re-write Readme.
- Add Discord link
- Added FrozenNorth map
- FrozenNorth を追加しました
- Addressed an issue where the Readme couldn't be erased due to the upper URL bar and lower menu bar when accessing from a smartphone (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android)
- スマホからアクセスした際に、上のURLバーと下のメニューバーのせいでReadmeが消せなくなる問題に対処。
- Photo post form had moved into ≡ (left-top of map)
  * Function of "drop new pin" had updated, became simply. push [drop] and click the point where you wannad drop, just it only.
- 画像の投稿フォームを、右カラムの下部から、左カラムに移動
  * 新しいピンを設置する機能を更新、より簡単になりました。[drop]を押してから、刺したい場所をクリックするだけです。
- Display setting menu had moved into ≡ (left-top of map)
- メニューの再配置(左上の≡に格納)
- Fixed CSS for IE.
- Fixed reloading bug when you send location code.
  * This bug occured if URL is not "~.html?#". after reloading and changed URL to "~.html?#", worked correctly.
  * This bug didn't occur in Firefox
- Adjustment CSS for InternetExplorer
  * Fixed problem of scale bar wasn't displayed.
  * Menu table is no longer over high

- 座標コードを送信した時にリロードしてしまう不具合を修正.
  * URLの末尾が ~.html?# でない場合に発生し、リロードされた後(URL末尾が ~.html?# になった後)は正常に機能していました
  * この不具合は、Firefoxでは発生しませんでした。 Firefoxのカバー力ぱねぇ
- IEのためにCSSを調整しました
  * メニューテーブルが高すぎたのと、スケールバーが非表示になっていたのを修正.
- Organized map menu again, and Map area has been larger.
- 表示メニューを再整理し、地図の表示サイズを大きくしました。
■ The Isle Map
- Organized map menu.
- Added location history
- 表示メニューを整理しました
- 座標の参照履歴の機能を追加しました
■ The Isle Map
- More emphasis on terrain warnings.
  Background color has been red on side panel.
  Stuck points where I checked are displayed preferentially.
  * Images which have been prioritized are treated as admins post, author can no longer delete it.
- Added Stuck points on Thenyaw (Canyon / Radio Tower / Valley)

- 地形警告が更に強調されます
  ※ 優先扱いになった画像は管理者扱いになり、投稿者は削除できなくなります。
- Thenyaw島のスタックポイントを追加しました (Canyon / Radio Tower / Valley)
■ The Isle Map
- Changed font-size when zoom-in.
- Added safe-rock on V3 (near Ridgeside)
- Added warnings of stuck point of Thenyaw (Quarry / Fallen Tunnel / and Blockage)

- 地図を拡大したときのフォントサイズを調整しました
- V3島のセーフロックを追加しました(Ridgeside付近)
- Thenyaw島のスタックポイントを追加しました (Quarry / Fallen Tunnel / Blockage)
■ The Isle Map
- Added Acro, Alber, Bary, Herre, and Austro's voice.
- アクロ、アルバート、バリオ、ヘレラ、アウストロの声を追加しました。
■ The Isle Map
- Added a Saferock on V3 (northern canyon)

- V3島のセーフロックを追加しました(northen canyon)
■ The Isle Map
- Fixed a bug due to change of coordinate format by language setting
  I didn't consider the format "xxx. xxx, xxx".
  Until now, in the environment which adopts this format, it wasn't recognized correctly.
- 言語設定による座標フォーマットの変化に伴う不具合の修正
 [xxx. xxx, xxx]形式を考慮しておらず、このフォーマットをを採用する環境において、正しく座標処理ができていませんでした。
■ The Isle Map
- Fixed bugs and update about [Hide] of "Where am I?".
  When you push it:
   Sun line, Moon line, and North star are no longer hidden.
   The Coordinates you entered isn't auto deleted.
   And it turns to [Show] button. (If click it, hidded log are redisplayed and it back to [Hide])
- minor bug fixes.

- "ここはどこ?"の[隠す]ボタンに関する不具合修正と更新
- その他、細かいバグ修正
■ The Isle Map
- Changed color of cliff from brilliant red to blackish red.
- Redisplayed waterfalls.
- Adjusted location of photo pins.

- 崖の表示色を鮮やかな赤から暗い赤に変更
- 滝の表示を復活
- 画像ピンの位置を調整しました
■ The Isle Map
- Added function "export/import account info".
  If you have account info, you can export from account menu.
  If not, screen to select registration or import is displayed.
- アカウント情報のエクスポート/インポート機能を追加しました。
■ The Isle Map
- Remaked around of Southern mountain
- Southern mountain 周辺の描き直し
■ The Isle Map
- Bug fix: Username edit wasn't work well.
- ユーザー名の変更が上手く動かなかった不具合の修正
■ The Isle Map
- Added "Gem" pond at west of Port
- Remaked around of cliff (Ravine, Fields River, Jungle River, south end of Northern Canyon, south end of Southern Canyon, Archipelago)
- Remaked shape of East Swamp, Central Swamp, and around of Gulf Tower
- Remaked landmark icon of The Dam and Dump
- Changed color of river name to Blue.
- Removed changing display color when toggled name method to unofficial server's

- Port の西に池(Gem)を追加
- 崖周りの描き直し
- East Swamp と Central Swamp の形状と、Gulf Tower周辺の描き直し
- The Dam と Dump のランドマークアイコンの作り直し
- 川の名前を青色に変更しました。
- 非公式サーバー独自の地名に切り替えた際に、表示名の色を変更する機能を削除しました。
■ The Isle Map
- Fixed bug of user registration.
- Removed warning about stuck hole which had fixed on v0.1.53.0
- Changed to ignore when you send same location code

- ユーザー登録の不具合を修正。なぜ気付かなかった…。なぜ誰も教えてくれなかった…。 _| ̄|○ illli
- 修正済みのスタックホールの警告を削除
- 同じ座標を送信した時は無視するように変更
■ The Isle Map
Correspondence to patch
- Remaked around of Radio Tower
 > Added landmark and water at (-500,50), name "Cargo Pond"
 > Added Island in north Twins
 > Replaced Pond of Radio Tower
 > Renamed "Docks" to "Cargo", because Port was called "Docks" on the patch note
- Remaked around of northern hill
 > Added water at (-250,-560), name "Northernmost"
 > Added water at (-130,-470), name "Gourd"
 > Added river from Splash to Donut (only upstream, there was already downstream)
- Remaked north east of Murky Pond
- Remaked Archipelago
 > Added big rocks to beach from (240,230) to (480,370)
 > Added fence at east of Power Plant and east of Estuary Weir
- Remaked west of Gulf Pond
 > Added water at (-690,250), name "Westernmost"
 > Added river from (-490,390) to Gulf Pond, name "Gulf River"
- Added Islands in Titan Lake
- Removed Raptor Rock
- Removed beach around of Mountains.

v0.1.53.0 へ対応
- ラジオ塔の周辺の描き直し
 > (-500,50) に水場を追加し、Cargo Pond と命名
 > north Twins に島を追加
 > Radio Tower の池を再配置
 > Docks の名前を Cargo に変更(パッチノートで Port が Docks と呼ばれていたため)
- 北の丘の周辺を描き直し
 > (-250,-560) に水場を追加し、Northernmost と命名
 > (-130,-470) に水場を追加し、Gourd と命名
 > Splash から Donut に繋がる川を追加 (上流のみ、下流側は元からあった)
- Murky Pond の東側を描き直し
- Archipelago 周辺を描き直し
 > (240,230) から (480,370) にかけての浜辺に大きな岩を追加
 > Power Plant の東と、Estuary Weir の東に、フェンスを追加
- Gulf Pond の西側を描き直し
 > (-690,250) に水場を追加し、Westernmost と命名
 > (-490,390) から Gulf Pond に繋がる川を追加し、Gulf River と命名
- Titan Lake に島を追加
- Raptor Rock を削除 - 一部の浜辺を削除
■ The Isle Map
- Added direction display ( N W E S ) Thank you for your request, Felgromon.
- 方位表示を追加しました
■ The Isle Map
- support browser update
  [Google Chrome] Fixed map drag didn't end until clicked again (I didn't notice for a long time cuz I'm Firefox user)
  [Internet Explorer] Fixed critical bug which become not available at all. (same as above)
- 対応ブラウザを更新
  [Google Clome] 地図ドラッグが、再度クリックするまで終了しない不具合を修正。(Firefoxユーザーだからずっと気付かなかったorz)
  [Internet Explorer] まったく利用出来なかったのを修正. (同上)
■ The Isle Map
- Fine adjustment

- 細かい調整をしました
■ Sounds of The Isle
- Re recorded Cerato 1-call coz it was same as Trike 1-call. (Thanks SavoshSilverfall !!)

- Cerato の[1]コールが Trike[1] になっていたので、録音しなおしました。
■ Sounds of The Isle
- Added Ava
■ The Isle Map
- Added 4 Danger point on V3
- Added 2 Safe-rock on V3

- V3の危険地形を4箇所追加
- V3のセーフロックを2箇所追加
■ The Isle Map
- Added name of other server's map (only where I had visit)
- 専用地図が用意されているサーバーの名前も表示できるようにしました。(私が行ったことのあるサーバーに限る)
■ Sounds of The Isle
- Added Pachy hatch
■ The Isle Map
- Added Cliff data (Added several ways down into the central river ravine with v0.1.52.4 patch)
- Deleted text "Central Riv.". I wrote it as a river flowing from Dump to Central Lake, but patch note told it is river in Southern Caynon.

- Southern Canyonの崖情報を更新(v0.1.52.4で上り下り用の道が追加されました)
- Central Riverの表記を削除。Central Lake ~ Dumpの川の名として掲載していましたが、今回のアプデでSouthern Canyonの川の名だと判明しました)
■ The Isle Map
- Fixed a bug that North-Star and path of the sun/moon disappeared after change map
- Fixed some CSS not reflected (I used // to comment out. XD)
- Addjusted path of the sun/moon
- Changed map text to bold

- 地図を切り替えると、北極星や太陽/月の経路が表示されなくなる不具合を修正
- 一部のCSSが適用されていない問題を修正 (コメントアウトに // を使っていましたw)
- 太陽/月の経路をより正確にしました
- 地図の文字を太字に変更
■ The Isle Map
- Added North-Star and path of the sun/moon.

- 北極星と太陽・月の経路を追加。
■ The Isle Map
- Added location tag to Marker of where am I? and photo pin. (it will appear when you mouseover)
- Updated Readme.

- 現在地マーカーと画像ピンに座標タグを追加(カーソルを合わせると表示)
- リドミの構成を更新。
■ The Isle Map
- Fixed a bug in takeover setting of "Color Filter"

- 色設定の設定引継ぎに関する不具合を修正。(リロード時のスライダーの値で全項目が上書きされていたw)
■ The Isle Map
- Add "Color Filter" (Opacity/Hue/Saturate/Brightness/Contrast). Base MAP is for each map, others are common to all maps.
- Removed Brightness select box.

- 色設定を追加(不透明度・色相・彩度・明度・コントラスト) Base MAP は地図毎、それ以外は全地図共通の設定になります
- 明るさのセレクトボックスを削除。
■ The Isle Map
- Update V3 info. (Cliff/Safe-Rock)

- V3の崖とセーフロックの情報を更新。
■ The Isle Map
- Modified the image of pin.

- ピンの画像を修正。(少しだけ縁取りを太くして視認性向上)
■ The Isle Map
- Fixed a bug of log marker

- 履歴マーカーの表示不具合を修正
■ The Isle Map
- Replaced UI of dispaly menu
- Changed scale width from every 0.5 to every 0.25.
- Improved speed of showing map which displayed once.
- Added Cliff data of thenyaw
- Added safe lock of V3. I forgot to add "Harbie rock"
- [Where am I?]
  - Added non-animated marker. I recommend turn off [Animation] if you feel running is slow.
  - Changed history management. You can choose the nunber of history display from 0 to 10.
  - Changed to take over the display setting of marker. (This is common to all MAP)
  - Added [Hide] button. This temporarily hides the marker. (Keeping the history)
  - Changed from [Remove] to [Wipe]. This is delete all marker history.
- Photos
  - Removed [Pin List] because I felt it was meaningless.
  - Added [Recent], show up to the last 20 pohotos. (When image included recent list is removed, the number of shown items will be less than 20)
  - Image re-display speed has been greatly improved.

- 表示メニューの配置を見直し。
- スケール幅を0.5から0.25に変更。
- 一度表示した地図の再表示速度を大幅に改善。
- Thenyaw の崖情報を追加。
- V3のセーフロックを追加。「Harbie Rock」を追加するの忘れてました。
- 「ここはどこ?」
  - 現在地マーカーの非アニメーション版を追加。重い人はアニメーションOFF推奨。
  - 履歴の表示処理を変更。履歴の表示個数を 0 ~ 10 で選べるようになります。
  - マーカーに関する表示設定が引き継がれるようになります。(全MAP共通です)
  - [非表示]ボタンを追加。マーカーが一時的に非表示になります(履歴は保持したまま)
  - [消去]ボタンから[全消去]ボタンに変更。マーカーの表示履歴を全て削除します。
- 投稿画像
  - [ピン一覧]を削除。文字情報だけじゃ意味無い気がしたので。
  - [直近の投稿]を追加。直近20件まで表示。直近リストに含まれる画像が削除された場合は、表示件数が20件未満になります。
  - 画像の再表示速度を大幅に改善。
■ The Isle Map
- Slightly speed up loading and drawing
- Fixed a bug that break data when you toggle readmy setting [I don't hope redisplay when visit here again.]

- 読み込みと描写を少しだけ高速化。
- 読み込み完了前に Readme の非表示設定を変更すると、設定データが壊れる不具合を修正。
■ The Isle Map
- Added Warning option. If check [WARNING of danger area] option, that post is treated as warning, not as normal
- Added edit form of photo comment.
- Added profile. edit link is at [myPic].
- Added function to delete account. Please don't write too long message.
- Changed photo list so that display on a separate page every 10 pictures.
- Changed registration to be able to specifie own userID.
- Updated note about submission

- 警告オプションを追加。 [危険地形の警告]にチェックを入れて送信すると、通常のピンではなく警告として表示されます。
- 画像のコメント修正フォームを追加。画像を拡大した状態の時に編集リンクが表示されます。
- プロフィール文を追加。[myPic]にリンクがあります。 ※長文はご遠慮ください
- アカウントの削除機能を追加。(画像を全消ししたい時用。実行すると復元できないので注意)
- 画像一覧にページ分け機能を実装。10件単位で分けるようにしました。
- 登録時にユーザーIDを指定できるように変更。※更新前に登録した方で、変更希望の方は作者まで連絡をお願いします。
- 画像投稿に関する注意事項を更新。
■ Sounds of The Isle
- Add sound of Pachy, Sucho, and new Adult-Rex
- Modified answer log

- パキケファロサウルス、スコミムス、新レックス(大人のみ)の各種SEを追加
- 回答記録の文章を修正
■ The Isle Map
- Add Scale 1.5
- Add Scent of water I forgot to write, and changed Scent's shadow only on the river when turn on it.
- Add cliff data of V3
- Found a new safe-rock! (at v3 -265,300)
- Add sort method of pin. Now North side in grid unit is before, if same unit, priority in West. (calcation is based on In-Game location.)
- Fixed a bug "Show prev"'s display/hide switching was not successful.
- Fine modification.

- 拡大率に 1.5 を追加
- 書き忘れていた水の香りを追加し、香りをONにした時の影を川の上にだけ表示するように変更しました
- V3の崖情報を追加
- V3(-265,300)で新たなセーフロックを発見しました
- ピンのソート関数を修正。グリッド単位(緯度100,000)で北側が、同じ単位ならば西側が優先で並びます(ゲーム内座標を用いて比較しています)
- "前回の座標を表示" の表示/非表示切り替えが上手くできない不具合を修正。
- その他細かい修正
■ The Isle Map
- Map was separated to Japanese and English
- Added pin list. You can check all of pins which on the map.
- Add hint. You can read when you hover the cursor upwards
- Changing the data structure and processing method.
- Separated update history from map. The old history is moved to there.

- 日本語と英語のページを分離しました。
- ピン一覧を追加。地図上にある全てのピンが表示されます。
- ヒントを追加。カーソルを合わせると読めます。
- データ構造や処理方法の変更を行いました。
- 更新履歴を分離しました。古い履歴は専用ページに移動します。

■ Message note
- Finished to repair
■ The Isle Map
- Added Photo system. You became to be able to upload pictures!
- "Bush" turned back disabled. I think need to research them on v0.1.52.2
- Changed method of check important note flag. It is judged more reliably.

- 画像の投稿機能を実装。スクショ等を投稿できるようになりました。
- v0.1.52.2の更新で再調査が必要になったと判断したため、"食用の草"を無効に戻しました
- 重要事項フラグの確認方法を変更。より確実に判断されるようになりました。
■ The Isle Map
- Added "Bush" to V3. This option only shows where I know, not all of them.
- Added "Scent of Water" to V3. I'm not going to add to Thenyaw because there is no river that can be seen through.
- Updated Safe-rock data of V3. Added some place. Validation of all parts with Adult-Giga and reviewed the safety indication.
- Updated Cliff data of V3

- V3に食用の草を追加。このオプションは私が知っている場所を表示してます。全ての草を表示するわけではありません。
- V3に水の匂いを追加。Thenyaw Islandは嗅覚で透視できる川が無いため、実装予定はありません。
- V3のセーフロックを更新。新たに数箇所追加しました。また、全ての箇所を大人のギガとともに検証し、安全性を再評価しました。
- V3の崖情報を更新。
■ The Isle Map
- Fixed bug of marker of Where am I?. Coordinate recognition wasn't work well when Lat/Long was less than 1000, because it was stupid. XD
- Changed display method of Name & Location. "Location" no longer depends on "Name". Now, both are only depend on them parents

■ Sounds of The Isle
- Add Quiz.
■ Sounds of The Isle
- Created!
- Updated Cliff data of V3
- Added small rainbow icon at "Angel Fall (-140,-125)" and "Rocky Fall (-400,545)"
- Updated Safe-rock data of V3
- Adjusted gridline of V3
- Added blighness option "none".
- Added cliff data of V3
- Updated Safe-rock data of V3
- Fixed place name display misalignment of Thenyaw
- Fixed to drag won't cancel when mouseover place names
- Added map drag method. detail are written in [Map is draggable].
- Added new function "Show prev location"
 * This is always off when you visit again, previous state is not retained like the marker of ASSET LOCATION. (In the future, I might change it ti retain.)
- Changed the name of "Ruins" to "Remains"
- Added Landmark of "Relics Born" and "Ruin" of V3. Both are in the dam lake.
- Added cliff data of V3
- Updated name data of some places of V3
- Updated Safe-rock data of V3
- Added location code of water/landmarks of V3
 * I referred to Ms.Catbug's map. It's a very wonderful!!
 * I don't know whether location code is correct because I haven't go to some of them on Survival mode. I'll check it untill tomorrow.
- Added name data of a part of place of V3
- Added tentative name like "??? (a-01)". Please use it when writing to the message note
- Added "Gridline" of V3 (I haven't made fine adjustments yet)
- Added "Cliff & Path" (this is revised Mt.Path)
- Added Reset button on upper right of screen. Please use this when nothing is displayed.
- Extended range of Brightness
- Relocated display menu
- Water and Landmarks got a dependency. If the upper option is OFF, the lower will follow
- Add Message note. Link is at Introduction
- Changed to ignore "Hide readme" only once when I added important notice
- Fixed update method of display settings. Even if there are changes in the future, it will transpose seamlessly
- Fixed bug of setting update method. It couldn't have been successfully updated...sorry
- Added name data of a part of place of V3
- Added Blightness. You can change brightness of basical map
- Added notes on Readme
- Changed display method of name/position of Landmark/Water
 * They changed from image to text. Even if you set scale "0.5", it will maintain readability
- Added name data of a part of place of V3- I haven't decide how to display other names
- Added safe-rock of V3
- Added stronger shadow option of V3
- Added Readme
- Added V3 map
- Relocated display menu
more older is not recoeded... (´ヘ`;)