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- Added FrozenNorth map
 * I wrote only the name I came up with. If you have better name, please tell me !
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This is a un-official intaractive map of The Isle
Every map is North-up.
Direction of these map is based on the North Star and Geomagnetism, not based on value of Latitude or the path of the sun/moon.
With the current specification, you will move to East when Latitude increases, move to South when Longitude increases.
There is misalignment due to altitude.
Gridline and Location marker are not completely accurate.
When you wanna know your correct position, please check at the surrounding topography.
(I used the photos from the sky. I don't have 3D landscape data)
Some names might not be mainstream
Besides the name that I checked in game chat, I refered to other maps, or I named it from terrain.
Some names may be asked "Where is it?" "Where do you mean?".
If you know other names, please let me know.

How to use

Change to other map
Just select the map from combobox where is top of page.
Dragging the map
Left-click (drag mode) … you can drag untill you release left mouse button.
Right-click (toggle mode) … you can drag untill you click again.
* When mouse cursor go out to outside of map area, dragging will be force stoped.
Zoom in/out
Rotate mouse wheel on the map.
Or, adjust "map scale" slide-bar (detail is at "display setting")
Show my location
1, Open Character menu. [Insert] or [Esc]➔[Charactor]
2, Click "ASSET LOCATION" to copy.
3, Paset it to the input-form "Asset Location:"
  Or, directly input to it as like "Lat,Long" (e.g. 123,-450 )
[Hide] button … temporary hide location marker histories.
[Wipe] button … delete all of histories.
Display the configs (sidebar)
1, Open Character menu. [Insert] or [Esc]➔[Charactor]
2, Click "ASSET LOCATION" to copy.
3, Paset it to the input-form "Asset Location:"
  Or, directly input to it as like "Lat,Long" (e.g. 123,-450 )
[Hide] button … temporary hide location marker histories.
[Wipe] button … delete all of histories.
Sidebar : Display Settings
Map Scale
You can zoom in/out the map.
Rrotate mouse wheel on the map is same as change this.

Map Layer
Toggle display or hidden of data layer
Gridlilegraticule drawn every 1km
Shadowadditional shadows for emphasize terrain
Cliff/Pathcliffs/large steps, steep slopes, and secret path
Lavaplace of lava/heat resource (disabled on V3, there is no lava)
Landmarkplace of object/terrain which can use as landmark
Waterplace of drinkable water (lake, pond, river)
Namenames of landmark/water resorce
Coordinatecoordinate of landmark/water resorce
Safe-rockplace to escape from threats. (mostly for Utahraptors)
Photo Pinspins to indicate that there are images about there
Worning Pins(now, these are included to photo-pins)

Color Filter
Changing the color of layers.
1, Select the layer which you wanna edit.
2, Drag slide-bar as you want.

Naming standard
Change this if there isyou wanna use community-specific name.
I'll add pattern if you request.
Sidebar : Asset Navi
I don't know who will make effective use this! ROFL

Last Location (Animation) Toggle animation of last marker.
If PC spec is not enough, I recommend to turn off this.

Display amount
Value of display histories on the map.
Priority: Fixed ➊ > Recent > Normal ①

History list
① … change to fixed (always connect with recent, and become disabled to swap)
➊ … back to normal (chain line from older to newer, except fixed)
▲ … swap with upper
▼ … swap with lower
X … delete it

To all brethren of Utahs: DO NOT full trust to safe-rock.

The color of circle displayed around the safe-rock is a measure of safety.
Green Safety assured. It's the best place for a nap.
Part of the rock is very very safe.
While you are there, threats can't any other than walk around and make noise.
* Pachy/Galli/Dryo can ride on some rocks. (e.g. raptor rock)
* All of on V3 had confirmed whether Utah can escape attack of full-adult Giga.
 Thenyaw haven't yet.
light Green Almost Safety. I think it is also good.
Everyone can enter, but no-jump species will be afraid and hesitation.
If they do, break leg, can't go back, no choice but to fall off the cliff.
Yellow A bit small. Don't forget to watch out.
Should be afraid of Large-sized dino's wide attack range.
They might be able to kill you from outside.
Red Dangerous. Only stupid use it.
1) Too small. You will be attacked from not only Large-sized but also Medius-sized.
2) Meaningless for who knows how to climb. Bigger can climb without jump.

It's no doubt that there is safe compared to other places.
But, big dinos have a longer reach than you, and they can go up steps that you can't.
If you don't wanna die, you should rest at high places as far away as possible from the edge.

When the threat surrounds, you will be forced to spend a hard time as if you're in cage of non-fed zoo.
If you think "I have to death if this situation continues!", you should try to escape at the risk of your life, or safe-log.
* In order to endure for a long time, I recommend to eat/drink, before use, and while you think safe.

Don't forget this.
1) You also have a choice of "hiding in tree". (It may be safer than on rock in some cases)
2) No matter how high you climb, non-friendly Utahs can kill you.
I Love Utah! Yeah!! ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

How to use photo system

How to upload
1, (only at first time) Regist your name. click [myPic] → [Regist name].
2, Open form. click [Post form] (when photo column is displayed), or [Add photo to here] (when shown image list of pin).
3, Fill in form. Set the pin, select picture, and write comment, ....
4, Read rules and check to agreement.
5, Push [Confirm], checking the content. If okey, push [Submit].
How to edit comment
1, Display photo list by select pin or push [myPic]
2, Click image which you wanna edit comment,
3, Click [Edit Comment], rewirite comment, and push [Save]
How to remove photo
1, Display photo list by select pin or push [myPic]
2, Click image which you wanna edit comment.
3, Click [Remove] and fill in "ok".
How to change name
 [myPic] → [Edit name]


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  • Survival Growth Times
    Auther: hypno (developer)
    This list tells us how long time we need to growth to next stage.
  • Sound of The Isle
    Author: Coco.N (me)
    You can check sounds of roar, sniff, and footsteps.
    * I haven't record sounds whoes I don't often see in survival.
If you wanna check readme again,
please click [Readme] on upper left of screen.